Past Events


March 27

1st Swearing In Ceremony and Foo-Foo Fling

April 10

All Chapters Easter Parade

May 1

Pajama Breakfast

May 8

All Chapters Tea at Unique Designs

May 14

2nd Swearing In Ceremony at Woody’s

June 10

Red Hat Rodeo at Rockin’ Rodeo

June 26

“13 Again” Party at Princess D’Love’s house

July 10

3rd Swearing In Ceremony at Lady Linda, Diva of Design’s house

July 24

Ice Cream Social at Rosemary's Ice Creamery

August 7

Camp-out, Slumber Party at Princess Chi-Chi Mama’s

August 28

All Chapter Un-Birthday Party at Rosemary’s Ice Creamery

August 31

Mall Crawl Scavenger Hunt at Valley Plaza

September 12

"BassAckward Bowling" at Westchester Bowl

September 25

Estrogen Olympics

October 9

“Menopause the Musical” & The Garment District Road Trip

October 30

Red Ruckus Road Rally

November 6

Red Hatter’s Ball in Santa Maria

November 4

Sunday at the Cinema

December 2

All Chapters Christmas Party at the Crystal Palace

December 4

Foo-Foo Fling at Princess JustinQuesadilla’s house

December 5

Christmas Caroling at Hallmark Assisted Living

December 16

Limo Lights Tour and dinner at Que Pasa


Mardi Gras Mayhem at Gumbeaux - Princess Wanna Be (Shirley Linscott) has graciously volunteered to hostess this event. She's providing beads and such for Mardi Gras mayhem. You can have dinner or hors d' oeuvres (crud, I can't ever spell that right!) or just have a drink and play with us. It IS a Mardi Gras event, so if you have a mask it would fit right in (but no booby-flashing to get beads, ya hear?)

When: Saturday February 20th
Rollerama West & the Pedal Car Cafe
Roller Skating & Lunch
Invited by:
Queen Sissy La-La and the Divine Sisterhood of Dancing Divas

We're going roller skating at Rollerama West on Brimhall and Coffee - be there at noon sharp as we only will skate for an hour. We have the place to ourselves only from noon - 1:00 on Sunday, February 20th, then they open to the public at 1:00 (when the little rugrats will show up and run over us!). We'll skate from 12 - 1 for $5 each (includes skate rental fee) and afterward we will walk next door to the Pedal Car Cafe for lunch or a hot fudge sundae. I have reservations for lunch at 1:00 so be sure to RSVP. This is open to all chapters.  Since we ARE of an age where we need to be careful not to break a hip, I think it would be a hoot to try to see who can come up with the most outrageous "protective" garb... should be giggle-city!!!!

SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2005 (date changed on 2/22)
11:00 a.m.
Where: Recreation Room of the Kern Canyon Mobile Home Park (e-mail me for directions)
What: Pajama-Rama Potluck Breakfast Bash

Invited by:
The "Combo Queens" - Me, (Queen Sissy La-La), Queen Karen Smith (Madame Sweetie) of the Rascals, Rogues & Scalawags, Barbara Butler (Queen BB Licious) of the The Royal Order of Divas, Dolls & Dames, and Pat Richard (Queen Cha-Cha Ching, Bada-Bling, Queen of the San Joaquin). That's right, four... four... four Queens for the price of One!!!!

My buddy Queen Karen and I decided we would all have more fun if we combined our chapters for our PJ breakfast and then once we found we had had more room, we asked two other Queen buddies of ours to join us with their chapters; so this promises to be a HUGE event! We have a TON of room to play, as Karen has several ladies in her chapter who live in the mobile home park on Kern Canyon Road (near Hillcrest Mortuary) - these ladies have invited us to use their facilities (a huge rec room with a kitchen, tables, chairs, etc. FREE of charge). So we decided to have a breakfast bash there instead of going to Dennys or IHOP. Once we get the RSVPs Queen Karen will purchase the food and we'll divvy up the cost between us all (around $6 each). We plan to have biscuits & gravy, bacon, sausage & ham, eggs, fried potatoes, toast, english muffins, bagels, muffins, plus juices, coffee, tea & milk. YUM!!!! We will have a contest for the most outrageous PJ outfit, and the Queens will each have a game to share. We Queen's are working hard to cook up (get it, "cook up" hee-hee) some really fun playtime events for us all. So start rounding up some purple PJs, girlies, we're going to have a Pajama-Rama Breakfast Bash!



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