Ice Cream Social at the home of Princess Nancypants




2nd Annual Luau on the Lake




Choo-Choo Ch'Boogie Train Ride to Hanford




"Fiesta de Senoras Locas" at Rosa's house 3/1/07




2006 Fancy Schmancy Jingle Ball
Wow, our escorts were such great sports - they kept up with us all night, playing Red Hat Games!




Look!  A whole kazoodle of Red Hatters - aren't they a beautiful sight!
I took my mom to lunch in Tehachapi for her 89th birthday and we beheld this beautiful sight...
This photo is of a group of Red Hatters from Bear Valley Springs - aren't they gorgeous?
And they were so sweet - they sang happy birthday to my mom!



2006 Bodfish Campout and Slumber Party
We had such a great time; we had lunch at the Pizza Factory, went antiquing in the rain, found an ice cream store,
played a rousing game of Jacks, played "Mad Gab", had a "Stick Cotton-balls on your Face with Vaseline" contest,
a "Chicken/Rooster find the Corn" game (ask to see the video - you will laugh your #$%&* off!).
Each year we think it's the best, but this year was truly awe-inspiring.
A huge THANK YOU to our fab-yoo-lous hostess, Princess Nancypants!





Chinese Dinner at Panda Palace





Luau on the Lake





2006 Easter Foo-Foo Fling & Easter Egg Hunt






St. Paddy's Day Blarney Bash 03-16-06

We played Catch Phrase and Gossip, and a wild round of Sound & the Fury
We munched on Leprechaun balls, and Dirty Leprechaun balls, and Green Giggle Juice, and
Shamrock Cake and Cupcakes, and a Poke Cake - YUM!
You can see the results of the sugar high below...



Top row: Linny, Debbie, Cherylanne, Pattee, Marsha
Middle row: Margaret (Cianne's mom), Cianne (yes, really!)
Front row: Lori, Maria (mom's caregiver)



Chick Flick 2/16/06
What more could a girl want on a cold Thursday night? 
A chick flick, chocolate, ice cream, margaritas, balloons, kazoos, and a bunch of silly like-minded girlfriends.

It's amazing how much fun we can have with nothing but a couple of balloons to play with!
Top row: Debbie H., Debbie E., Monda, Lori
Front row: Mo, Devra, Cianne, Pattee


Game Night 1/19/06
Our hostess Princess Mo of Mejico served us Quesadillas and home-made cheesecake and margaritas.
Princess Dinkie Pinkie brought a lovely chocolate cake in the shape and color of a red hat in honor of our 4 birthday girls.
What a rowdy night - our throats are sore from laughing and poor Kenny (Mo's hubby) was afraid to come out of his room!
He had NO idea 10 women could be so loud! Here's photos for your amusement (and jealousy if you missed it!)

The birthday girls - Debbie, Mo, Cianne, and Rosa, pose pretty for the camera.


Queen's Court Luncheon
I was invited to a luncheon Saturday at the Doubletree Hotel for all of the Red Hat Society Queens of Bakersfield.
Sadly, of the 44 chapters only 9 of us showed up, (plus two Vice-Queens), but a good time was had by all. See group photo below:


2nd Annual Foo-Foo Fling Christmas Party
The Foo-Foo was flung far and wide as we shared ribbons and rhinestones and ruffles and such to make our Christmas hats. Princess Mo of Mejico actually put a little bit of bling on a hat (faint!), and our newest little Princess Dinkie Pinkie made a gorgeous new pink and lavender chapeau with the assistance of her Queen. Princess D'Love hostessed us in her beautiful new home, and made an adorable little pixie elf of a Diva in her new Christmas Hat. We had presents galore and chocolate dipped strawberries, cookies, candies, nuts (in addition to us, of course) and of course a little vino to wash it all down. Enjoy the photos...we missed you and hope you can feel a little bit like you were there by viewing our fun.


Pismo Pearls 2nd Annual RHS Ball
We had 6 couples make it this year, and we put on the entertainment too! We somehow (I am a VERY persuasive Queen!) convinced our menfolk that it would be a hoot if they would dress up as red hatters. Well, they were the HIT of the evening! We did a comical Can-Can routine, but our fellas (Princess Testosteroni and the Jockettes) stole the show. Below, in left to right order, we have Her Ladyship Machoetta-Come & Getta, Countess Masculina Devina, The Baroness of all Things Buff (aka: Princess Banana-head), and last but certainly not least, Princess Testosteroni, herself!

Below we have Princess Dinkie-Pinkie, Queen Sissy La-La, Princess Boogie-Woogie of Company B,
and Princess Chi-Chi Mama in our Glamorous Can-Can attire.

Below is a little taste of our Can-Can routine. We were Tres Chic! Ooh La-La!!!

And below is our adorable Princess Testosteroni and the Jockette's!

And then the lovely side - weren't we pretty couples?


2nd Annual Kamikaze Campout
You will only get to see a couple of photos of this event, as I was threatened with mayhem and death if I posted most of them. Sorry - but you'll just have to trust me on this, the Bodfish Whipped Cream War of '05 was a sight to behold,
as was the  Esther Williams Memorial Hot Tub Ballet and the near drownings from the water fight.
Not to mention the exuberant "Can-Can" in red ruffled petticoats over our clothes as we practiced on the front porch,
and the mass mental confusion of the "What's That?" game... whewie we had a great time!
(and of course there was SHOPPING!!!!)

Click on any photo below to see a larger version...

Nancypants, Pattee, Linny, and Tango roastin' wienies

Lusty, Nancy and Patte around the campfire

Dancin' to "Heard it Through the Grapevine"...

And more dancin'

Pattee found out from where she'd decended in one of the little antique shops. A very good likeness, don't you think?



Under these photos is the list of clues from our scavenger hunt and road rally. Keep scrolling down for more fun shots
Photos from the start of the day

Your Royal Heinie Queen Sissy La-La

Me and my best buddy and "Right Hand Mama", Karen Smith, Queen of the Rascals, Rogues & Scalawags

Me holding up the vow everyone had to recite prior to starting the race. It said:

The group gathers 'round to hear the rules 'n regs for the rally.

Even red hatters with owwies on their feet showed up. Nora solved the problem by wearing a fuzzy slipper on the offending tootsies.

Queen of the Ruby Red Hots, Vickie Utt, Queen of Bling, tries on the Booby Prize prior to the race.



Several of the teams decorated their cars - what team spirit!


Girls just wanna have fun!!


Lunch at Denny's after our play

The Booby Prizes!

The famous "Booby Prize" visors

Last year's Booby Prize winners got to "crown" this year's

Wendy, Joyce and Charlene won the 2005 Booby Prize

Prize winning team leader Wendy Amerine!


Here is the clue list if you'd like to see what they had to find...

Scavenger Hunt, aka: Bring it On Home to Me, Me, Me!


Bring back a quarter from a state beginning with the letter "I"


        What is the width in inches of the front doors at the Hall of Records? (71-1/2)


       Bring back pennies to equal the number of rose bushes between Starbucks and Tahoe Joe’s  (20)


Bring back a live worm

Photo above is of a "worm search" at Bob's Bait Bucket.

They reported finding worms in their tomato patches, their gardens, and at fishing stores.

You wouldn't believe the number of darling women

who ran up to me at the end with their live worms to show off.


    On page 22 of Winnie the Pooh, what was Winnie doing when he made up a little hum? (His "stoutness exercises")


       Bring back a cartoon with a character in it who’s wearing a hat


       What is the number of digits in a book's ISBN? (10)


       Bring back a sealed plastic container with a toy in it that you’d get out of a gumball-type machine.

        Bring back a newspaper article in which a baseball player hit a triple


      In the 2006 Red Hat Society calendar, what is the Red Hatter doing in the photo for the month of March? (Standing in a fountain)


Bring back a photograph of a plug cutter (There are three kinds, one for wood, one for tobacco, and one for grass)


How many letters are in the name of the US President most associated with manumission?

(14 - Abraham Lincoln. Manumission is the freeing of slaves)


      Bring back a pair of purple panties in a size larger than XXL


Here humans sleep in eternal slumber

           Any will do, our town has a number.

          Drive to one now, the closest you see

          And then you must do this one small thing for me.

Search the headstones, markers, and anything stone

To locate a name that matches your own.

It can be any name, a first name or a last,

Now quick, take a picture, and bring it back fast.

You needn’t find one for all 3 of you,

No, just one name that matches will soitenly do (nyuck, nyuck, nyuck).



In a grocery store – any will do

You’ll have a real challenge ahead of you

You must find all the products to spell out with joy

The two words “Red Ruckus” – no it’s not a ploy.

The first letter of each product is the one that will do

You must line up and hold them to spell out the clue.

A photo must come to prove you can spell it

I know that your worried, but you’re tough – you can quell it.


Bonus - worth 25 points

Bring back a photo of yourselves with Stormin’ Norman from “Grandpa’s Farm”


Bring back a photo of yourselves with a live ostrich or emu

(No one got this one. They found one Ostrich farm and the man told them to leave and would not allow photos. Party Pooper!)


Bonus - worth 50 points:

Vaya al restaurante de Luigi y traiga detrás una foto de los tres de usted con un hombre (cualquier hombre) que usa uno de sus sombreros. Dos de usted deben sentarse en su regazo, y el otro plantando un beso en su mejilla.

(What this clue says in English is: "Go to Luigi's restaurant and take a photo with two of you sitting on any man's lap, and one of you kissing him on the cheek. He must be wearing one of your hats.") Of course it was rush hour at Luigi's making it that much more fun! Added to the fact that most did not speak Spanish and had to find a translator.

The men who were having lunch at Luigi's Saturday afternoon got more than they bargained for.

They were all such good sports, and the owner was a doll about us

barging into her restaurant and kissing her customers!


Road Rally Clue #1 (to See's Candies on California Avenue next to Fresh Choice)
You’ll SEE the chocolates in their black & white box

You’ll SEE the Fresh Choice if you’re smart like a fox

You’ll SEE electronics and a clothing store near

You’ll SEE it all, if you’ll think hard dear.

Truffles, gumballs, divinity and fudge

Once you get in here you won’t want to budge.

You must make a purchase to receive your next clue

Be adventurous gals – try something new!

Road Rally Clue #2 (to Saturn Dealership)

White cars, green cars, red ones too

But only one has a clue for you.

Toward Gasoline Alley you car should wind

And a car with a clue inside you’ll find.

This place is special, as bright as the sun

It’s a hot red planet - yep, that’s the one!

On the showroom floor you’ll find your prize

If you look real good when you go inside.

Just sneak right in and search bottom to top

Make like your shopping so you don’t get stopped.

‘Cause the guys will try to sell you a car

And if you try to run you may not get far.


Road Rally Clue #3 (to Tattoo Parlor)

If you floated down the eastside Nile

Toward a mount named after Vern

You’d find a “point” behind a burger joint

And there some points you’d earn.

Now don’t go to the grocery store

The Fastrip will not do

To win these points the place you’ll need

Is a parlor named TATTOO!

Inside you’ll find a mohawked Josh

And a guy named Willie too…

Who just can’t wait for you to drop your drawers

So they can give you a tattoo!

You must each return with a tattoo on your booty.

To get it, you must enter the store and raucously shout

“Come on over here, and slap one on my rear!”

If you don’t say it, they will NOT give you the the

tattoo and you will earn no points.


In the east there’s a place where learning takes place

And Renegades roam all over the place.

On the easterly side that’s nearest the bluffs

There’s a parklike spot, that part’s not tough.

Now head for the trees and look away from the ground

And you’ll see clues just hanging around.

From the branches will dangle your next little clues

But reaching them might be a challenge for youse.

Now don’t get hurt, remember your age

And don’t bring back to me your rage

‘Cuz just out of reach these little clues hang

No whinin’ gals, I don’t give a dang!


Look at the first photo in the montage - see the clue hanging from the tree? These girls did NOT give up!

The bottom two photos are "bribing booty" - meant to get help with obtaining a clue. They finally got a clue

to fall down, but it took a LOT of effort! This fun team of Red & Pink hatters (Barbara Gladden, Norma Aranall

and Barbara Graehl) definitely believe in NEVER SAY DIE!!!



Our first bride!
The Divine Ms. D. wore a lovely gown from designers Queen Sissy La-La, Princess Boogie Woogie, Princess Twinkletoes, Lady Wanderlust, and Princess Pouty Pattee (not shown - thanks for taking the pix PP). The bride was exquisite in her gown of Bounty and Charmin, and we'd like to thank the Scotch tape company for holding it all together.


2005 Ice Cream Social

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Rocky Horror Show


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Cha-Boogie to Hanford


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Our 4th Swearing-In Ceremony - Sunday, April 10th


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Our Pajama-Rama Breakfast - Saturday, March 19th


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Our Rollerama Mamas - Sunday, February 20th



Spotlight Theatre - Ladies in Red Tea - Sunday, February 13th


Click on the big picture below to see the rest of the
fun photos of our Mardi Gras Mayhem at Gumbeaux - 2/4/05

Back row: Shirley, Gail, Marianne, Cherylanne, Rosa, Molly, Debbie
Front row: Carol, Cianne, Linn, Marsha

Click on the big picture below to see more pictures of
Our first 2005 Event - Luncheon at Lorenes

Back row: Chris, Pattee, Devra, Debbie, Rosa, guest, Shirley, Cherylanne
Front row: Terry, Nancy, Cianne, Marsha, Andrea, Linn

Click on the big picture below to see more pictures of
 photos from the Limo Ride Tour of Christmas Lights

Back row: Back row: Debbie, Terri,  Pattee, Coleen, Sue, Devra, Cianne
Front row:  Linn, Marsha, Nancy

 Click below for more photos from the Foo-Foo Fling Christmas Party

Back row: Margo, Terri, Marsha, Devra, Debbie
Front row:  Brenda, Cianne
Click below to see more photos of our
Christmas caroling crew at Hallmark Assisted Living with Pat Richard's chapter


I wonder how many of us made a Red Hat Christmas Tree this year????
Send your photos to me and I'll post them to share! Here's mine:

And here's Lusty's (Marsha Bloxom)


Click on the big picture below to see the rest of the
fun photos of our Red Ruckus Road Rally 10-30-04



Estrogen Olympics - Sept. 25th


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Pretty Pinkies Posing

Chris & Terry get ready to play a game

Kisses! Kisses!

Our newest member, Brenda chummin' with Nancy

This is our "Pin the Red Hat on the Diva" prop

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Photos of our April 10th Red Hat Society Potluck Picnic & Easter Parade


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Photos of our March 27th Foo-Foo Fling and Swearing In Ceremony


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