Click on the logo above to go to the official Red Hat Society website for this shopper's heaven of delights where you'll find clothing, hats, accessories and all kinds of fun Red Hat stuff. - this may seem strange that I have a tablecloth link on here, but I just (12/26/07)ordered 10 of them for a New Year's Eve party  (I got sick of paying $7 each for rental every year) and they are the most beautiful quality I have ever seen, and they only cost me around $11 each for 90" rounds!  I got them in one day (yes, you heard me right) for an additional $19 FedEx cost. They come in a zillion colors and sizes (yes, red & purple too!)  If you put on a lot of events it is definitely smart to purchase rather than rent and this is the place to get them. Check it out! This site has adorable t-shirts with themed bikinis and lingerie on them and other fun red-hat oriented stuff.

Been looking for one of those old-timey swim caps with the flower petals on it?  Me too, and I found a site that has them in EVERY color of the rainbow, including red, purple, pink and lavender!

3/27/05 Hey Girlies - I just discovered a terrific site - very reasonable prices and great variety - check this one out!

Where to Find Hats Online: (quite reasonable; large variety)
I just found these two sites for hat foo-foo. They have everything to make your own hat or to decorate it. Check them out. (beautiful hats),cs=Artisans:Victorian+%22Style%22:Hat:Roses:Feathers.html
(BEAUTIFUL red & purple court jester hat $24.95)

Very cute hats - medium price range. Red and pink baseball caps with
DIVA, QUEEN, and PRINCESS on them. Visors in red and purple with fur on

Good variety of hats - medium to high price range.

Cute embroideried red hat name patches - $10 (includes shipping & handling)

K & K Buttons And More
4810 Hollow Corner Rd #243
Culver City, California 90230
Voice: 877-992-8886
Fax: 310-838-0549

Local Foo-Foo
While it is not necessary that you do so, we know that all Ladies of the Court love to shop, so if you want to purchase some Red Hat Foo-Foo locally, here are some places I've discovered:


Carol's Classic Collection & Consignments has moved from Coffee Road. They are now on Fruitvale just about a block north of Rosedale Highway. She has a much bigger store now and an entire room dedicated to red hat pretties. The owner is Carol Aldean and the adorable sales person is Andrea - she is fun and just has the cutest personality. She keeps promising to be one of my pinkies - we've just got to get her to an event!  There are FABULOUS red & purple hats, hat stands, clothes, eyeglasses, eyeglass holders, hair ornaments, and tons of jewelry! She also has lots of adorable stuff for pink hatters, too. So go, go, go, right now, and please tell her I sent you.


Sugardaddy's on Stockdale Hwy & California has moved but they're in the same shopping center. They are now next door to Long's drugs, facing Stockdale Highway. Sherry's done up her window this week in the cutest Red Hatter stuff you've ever seen (see photos below taken 10/25/04. The sweaters are to die for! She has hats and jewelry and clothes and some adorable feathered fans. Please tell Sherry, the owner, that I sent you and that you saw her window on my website? Thanks!


Dreams - I dropped by today and discovered that my friend Lynn Deats owns this store! I used to buy clothes from her years and years ago when she had a store downtown. Dreams is at 4917 Stockdale Hwy. in the Stockdale Fashion Plaza (behind Outback). Her phone number is 837-8457She carries a small amount of red hat items, such as long t-shirt dresses and t-shirts that are hand painted. She also has scarves, pins, earrings and a cute purse and one red hat.  This is a BBW store (Big, Beautiful Women), so it only carries size 12 to 24. Please tell Lynn I sent you.


Unique Accents in Surroundings - This is a little shop downstairs in this new design center on the corner of California and Easton Drive (in the El Torito shopping center). The owner, Linda Dart, has a lot of cute Red Hat stuff, and says she is always on the hunt for more, gets new things in all the time, and is also looking for pink hat items as well.  Linda would love to meet all the Kern Co. Red and Pink Hatters, so stop in and see what she has to offer. She carries official RHS greeting cards - lots of birthday and friendship cards, pillows, boas, purses, stationery, hat pins, dolls, scarves, and some really pretty red hats. She carries things no one else has, like flags for your yard, and red hat welcome mats. You can see photos of her store on my photos page under the Red Ruckus Road Rally title. Please tell her I sent you.


Longs Drugs on Mount Vernon and Columbus has the most Red Hat Society items I've seen locally. They have some nice red hats (and hat boxes that come with), some lovely red & purple purses, pins, earrings, socks, tote bags, and t-shirts. But if you wait till you get your membership cards, you'll get a 10% discount on any Red Hat item if you purchase if at the cosmetics register and show your card.


 Beverly's Fabrics & Crafts has hats just crying for foo-foo, red & purple boas for $12.99; a purple nightshirt with a red hat on it, and some cute red hat pins near the check-out counter. They have 7 different red & purple fabrics, lots with red hats on them.


The Party Wizard on Stockdale & California has solid red and solid purple feather and/or maribou fur boas and a gorgeous red ostrich boa. Tres chic!


Bar Flies Clothing Consignment store on 19th Street has darling vintage clothes and Lady Linda says there are lots of purple things.


In Your Dreams, also a Clothing Consignment store on H Street near Brundage has some cute stuff too, and some purple stuff in large or tiny sizes (not much in between). They also have a location on Rosedale Hwy. called "In Your Wildest Dreams".


Strawberry Patches fabric store (located in a little center behind the Ming & Ashe center where OSH is - next door to Sweet Surrender) has about 6 different red & purple red hat fabrics for $8/yard


Hancock Fabrics has the largest variety of Red Hat fabrics in any of the local stores.


Mervyns - Today (10/3/04) I found sumptuous purple velour jammies at Mervyns and also beautiful suede shirt jackets on sale for only $48. Of course I bought them both!


Target - Look below at this cute stuff found on - put "red hat" in the search field



If you have a chance to go to L.A., there is a place called "Something Special" at 1014 S. Santee St., in the heart of the garment district that has oodles of red hats and accessories. They have lots of pink hats and jewelry as well. It is open to the public for retail sales on Saturdays only, but if you have access to a resale license, you can get great wholesale prices, plus no sales tax  . . . such a deal; however, your first wholesale purchase has to be a minimum of $150, but once you are in their system there is then no minimum. To get to the garment district, take I-5 to LA, then the 110 south. Exit the 110 at 8th Street, and go east. We usually park in a lot at 8th and Maple ($6), which is centrally located in the district. 

Greetings Sister Hatters!
I am the Founding Queen Mother of the Razzle Dazzle Red Hats in Westport/Leola, South Dakota. As a Red Hatter "to the core", I thought we should identify ourselves on the highways and "buy" ways as we travel about the world! Therefore, I did some research and found a neat RED HAT CAR MAGNET! These magnets are similar to the yellow ribbon "Support Our Troops" magnets that are very popular now. They are a red hat approximately 5 inches x 7 inches. The hat is, of course, red, outlined in purple with a purple hat band and a purple flower. They are made of a durable, fade resistant plastic that adheres very well (even though I would remove them at the car wash, just in case). See attachment.

I thought these were so neat and unique and I wanted them for my own car but I had to order 500 of them! So, I am hoping to share with other Mad .. er .. Red Hatters. I have had so much fun "meeting" Sister Hatters all across the nation via this little "project". If you or members of your group might be interested in telling the world just who you are as we drive, just let me know. The magnets are $5.00 each plus $.50 postage or $2.00 postage for 5 magnets. I would certainly accept your personal check.  If you have any questions just reply to me via email or snail mail:

Jacki Hoffman
Razzle Dazzle Red Hats
37215 116th Street
Westport, SD 57481

Below you'll find some links to sites I've discovered.

I just found these two sites for hat foo-foo. They have everything to make your own hat or to decorate it. Check them out. (beautiful hats)

Warning" by Jenny Joseph (The poem that started it all)

Oriental Trading Co.
(party favors, tote bags, masks, hats)

Elizabeth Lucas Designs (poem “Warning”, magnets, etc.)

The Garment District  (Large & Xtra-Large Chandelle turkey feather boas in red, pink or purple. These boas are 6’ long by 6” wide and are beautiful for only $14.)   (?)  (games) (really nice clothes, jewelry, hats, t-shirts, wall art, etc.) (hats, boas, jewelry, t-shirts, wall art, etc.) (some of the nicest clothes and accessories I’ve ever seen) (LOTS of purple, pink and lavender shoes, in flats and heels. Also darling white tennis with red hats on them. Call for a catalog 1-800-964-1941  How to make balloon hats - address labels, scrapbook paper, jewelry, etc. - FREE business cards; you just pay shipping and handling ($8.95) - this is the site of Kazoobie Kazoos - the ONLY official red & purple ones - lots of fun red & purple stuff - cookie cutters shaped like hats, only $1/each plus s/h - TONS of cute red hat stuff - everything!!! click on FABRIC, then do a search for the word "hat".  There are several choices of really nice fabrics with red hats on them for $5.99/yard.  The local store is at 2601 South H Street 833-6875.  They have the same stuff, but they are out of the purple one. (This same fabric can be found at but it's $7/yard) This site has the MOST beautiful hats I've seen anywhere on any other site! Also has jewelry, clothing, etc


Phone :661-833-6787 or E-mail: